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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Republican Weenies

I had to go to the mall today--and unpleasant but necessary task--and came out to find that someone had vandalized my car:

I managed to rub some of it off, and stick "Republican Vandalism" labels over some of the scribbles, but the mess is still there. That'll have to do until the new bumper stickers I ordered arrive from CafePress.

Sad, isn't it, how petty small minds can be? That someone can be so insecure that an opposing view expressed on a piece of paper sets them off? I mean, really, if they felt secure in their beliefs, would they need to act in such a childish way? Some of us hold the First Amendment sacrosanct (free speech and all), and others are more in the jack-booted thug mode (see above).

It's bad enough when someone is a poor loser, but being a poor winner is really pathetic. Why is it that Republicans feel the need not only to beat the opposition, but to crush them, destroy them, and rub defeat in their opponent's faces? It's sad, really. I have friends who had their Kerry signs disappear during the last election, but no Bush sign went missing in their neighborhood.

Or maybe it's the response of the cornered rat--lashing out, knowing that its end is at hand. Watergate was child's play compared to the conspiracy entangling the White House now. Cheney and Rove are in hiding, leaving poor W to try and actually try and run the country.

Let the indictments roll!


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