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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Cody Crime Wave

While I was busy blogging away in the lobby of the Holiday Inn, someone was out in the parking lot trying to break in to my Jeep. Mind you, this was directly in front of the hotel in broad daylight. It was a low tech crime of opportunity--they tried to pry the lock out of the door with a screwdriver. It was crime interruptus though, as the perp got scared away. Lucky for me, nothing got taken, but the lock was a mess (although it still worked).

What bothered me more than the crime itself was the response to it. The hotel staff couldn't believe it had happened there, and the manager of the motel I was staying at stated that "it was awful that people bring their big city ways with them" to poor little Cody. As if theft were purely a big city concept that would never, ever have occurred to honest, upright small town citizens.

Not in my experience. I lived in, worked in, and went to school in Detroit for a combined total of 13 years, and still go downtown almost weekly for cultural events. I have NEVER experienced any crime there. I did have my handbag stolen from the chemistry lab at my suburban high school, had my car broken in to in my own driveway in West Bloomfield, and had several hubcaps disappear in the suburbs as well.

Oh well, I'll have to get that dangling lock fixed before some other upright citizen is seduced by its sight into a life of crime.


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