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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Internet Access

One difference I have noted between the USA and the rest of the world is the lack of public internet access here in the States. When I've travelled elsewhere, internet centers and cafes abound. Even in remote towns in South America and India, I've always been able to find a place to check my e-mail. It might be a slow or tenuous connection, but there is a connection.

Not so here in the USA. Few towns have an internet center independent of the local public library, which has limited hours and greatly limits one's time on-line. It's not a matter of cost alone; there simply isn't paid access in most places. I think that most Americans access the internet at home, and its just not an economically viable option outside of collecge towns and big cities.

I am posting courtesy of the nice young man at the Holiday Inn of Cody, Wyoming. They have wireless internet, and he's letting me use it for free (as they don't even have a mechanism to charge for the service--it's part of the room fee, which is easily twice what I'm paying at the motel down the street). I'll try and write a few more items, and post them before I leave.

Otherwise, I'll be online again when I get to Pam's place in Idaho.


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