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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Scenic Byways

I spent a day today on the trail of Lewis and Clark--well, on the trail they would have taken had they had motorized vehicles. I drove along the L&C Scenic Byway, a series of gravel roads that took me up into the mountains, through Lemhi pass, and back down again (after an unintentional detour into Montana). It was quite a pretty drive, although the four inches of snow and icy roads were a bit of a surprise, as it was sunny, warm and dry at lower altitude.

The Jeep and I got a bit muddy, and I saw a bit of wildlife--pronghorns, mule deer, strange little chipmunk-like shy squirrels, and a slew of magpies and chickadees. The deer have the habit, common to deer world-wide, of standing by the road and waiting for cars to dart out in front of.

I stopped at the Sacajawea Center just outside of Salmon--it was a nice place to walk, look at the Bitterroot Mountains, and learn about the ways of her people.

And then tonight I cooked borscht and converted two more people to the Daily Show. Jon Stewart IS America's greatest newsman.


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