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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bush in India

I travel half way around the work, and still I can't get away from the Boy King. His visage "graces" the covers of newspapers and magazines everywhere. My friends handed me the paper opened inside out this morning. Once I had righted it, I knew why--the sight of that face would be too much of a shock to the system that early in the morning.

Bush has often claimed to be a "uniter, not a divider." He proved the truth of this once more in India, uniting the disparate elements of the Indian opposition against him. He was greeted by huge street protests in Bombay, and needed 5000 guards to protect him.

The protesters were a mixed lot:

W and Laura apparently scattered flower petals on Gandhi's grave site. They repeated the gesture several time for the benefit of the press photographers. After all, the whole world should see what a man of peace Bush is.

Many here have commented that it is a good thing Gandhi was cremated, or he'd be spinning in his grave.......

Meanwhile, the real reason for the trip......34%


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