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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hospital Day

Somehow, despite five trips to Vellore, I have never been here for Hospital Day before. I'm not sure how I could have missed this annual event.

It is no longer a single day, but three, of festivities. I knew it was almost upon us when a large balloon flying over the hospital proclaimed it so.

I had expected that there might be a few booths, and perhaps table, set up with information. But no, this was much bigger. Coming upon it, you wouldn't think so--a few signs and banners, and a tent or two.

But once you entered, you realized the extent of this fair, snaking around the entire side and back of the hospital, with booth upon booth (more than a hundred in all!)

Each department of CMC has a booth, and they try to outdo each other. They were all crowded with visitors when I tried to look. The OB/GYN department had some sort of dioramas depicting intrauterine life and the menstrual cycle, and was full of schoolgirls in their uniforms. The electrical department had displays about how electricity and motors worked. Gastroenterology had all sorts of scopes displayed.

There were also booths selling things, and a food court. Avinash had been on Friday night, and sampled all the fare. There was a lot to choose from, but no chicken! The bird flu scare has taken chicken off many menus, including Chinatown and, it seems, CMC.

Visitors came from all parts of town, I saw many a group of giggling schoolgirls, one of whom came up and shook my hand and said hello on a dare. At their request, I took a photo of a small group of schoolboys from the Don Bosco school, who were with their teacher, an Aussie girl. They were dragging her around, seeing all the sights, and having an absolutely marvelous time.


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