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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sound and Fury

Wrote Shakespeare in MacBeth:
"It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing."
So too the Baker Commission.

We now learn that it was all a ruse. Sure, those taking part thought they were actually doing something useful, but, it seems, Bush the Younger never had any intention of following their recommendations. Baker et. al. put together a plan, with all the parts depending on the others; Bush considers it a Chinese menu to pick and choose from as he likes.

Dear Leader, the last true NeoCon, will simply not accept that Iraq is lost. He still thinks that victory is just around the corner. He will not leave, because doing so would admit he was wrong, and he is NEVER wrong.

Instead he is doing his own research, calling in selected experts (those who agree with him) and, the media reports in awe, ASKING QUESTIONS. Is it so much to expect from this president that he actually asks questions? And would it have not been better to express some interest in the planning and course of the war in Iraq say THREE YEARS AGO?

And his experts seem to agree that we need one more big push, with tens of thousands more troops, and victory will be ours.

So what if thousands more die, Iraqi and American, and tens of thousands more are grievously injured. They're just poor white folks and foreigners. Not anyone that matters. Certainly not his daughters or their friends.

Rude Pundit has now dubbed Bush the Schiavo President:
And now those "key people" are also saying just how golly-gee-whiz open-minded Bush is being about the whole f&*#in' thing. Said retired General Wayne Downing, an uberscary guy in his own right, after Bush's Listening Tour (really) took him to visitin' generals, "I found him very engaged. I think he's looking for some answers." Barry McCaffrey added that Bush was listening "intently."

Thing is, we've been here before, where the wishful, the hopeful, the liars, the spinners, the hucksters have all told us that an unmoving blob of flesh is a sentient being. Said one idiot doctor about poor Terri Schiavo, "Although Terri did not demonstrate during our 90-minute visit compelling evidence of verbalization, conscious awareness or volitional behavior, yet the visitor has the distinct sense of the presence of a living human being who seems at some level to be aware of some things around her." And, really, is that protestation of consciousness any different than what McCaffrey said about the President?

Or perhaps this: "Terri Schiavo smiles. She laughs, cries and moans. Her eyes appear to follow a balloon around the room. When a cotton swab slips into her mouth, she grimaces." See? She wasn't in a persistent vegetative state. She's listening. Like when Bush promises "when I do speak to the American people, they will know that I've listened to all aspects of government."

Terri Schiavo or the President on Iraq? Sure, everyone can say they saw him move, react, follow the balloon, but in the end he's just rotting away with a brainless smile on his face.


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