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Friday, December 08, 2006

Still Lying

One of the members of the eminent Iraq Study Group is former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor. She was on one of the NPR talk shows yesterday discussing the group's deliberations and recommendations. She strongly defended the group's work, although I am not sure what her expertise is on the subject of Iraq.

One of the callers made an interesting point, that Bush was now being bailed out by the same people who put him into office in the first place - James Baker and Sandra Day O'Connor.

She immediately sprang to her own defense. She denied that it was her fault that Bush was president, mumbling something about several cases before the court, and then pronouncing triumphantly "besides, the media groups did three recounts, and all of them showed Bush to be the winner."


The recounts showed no such thing. They finally concluded long after the coronation, and the results were released after 9-11. To help preserve American unity in troubled times, the press decided to hide that fact that the man who had lost the popular vote had probably also lost the electoral college vote, and probably was not the legitimate president.

The Supreme Court had intervened in a state matter, contrary to previous precedent, and changed the course of our history. They installed Bush, despite an unsigned decision (which was designated as NOT being precedent for any later decisions), despite the law and despite the will of the American people.


Because they know better what's good for America (and their stock portfolios) than does the "rabble."

Only, once again, they're wrong.

How many more American servicemen and Iraqi civilians need to pay for their mistakes?


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