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Friday, December 16, 2005

Xmas Tree Update

The tree was officially completed Wednesday, December 14, just before 10 pm, when I applied the last strand of tinsel. It has some 5000 little white lights, 3000 strands of tinsel (if you can trust the numbers on t he boxes) and many hundreds of ornaments (I've never counted them, but there are enough to fill about a dozen large plastic storage containers, plus two more of birds and a large stack of paper snowflakes).

Today I cleaned up around it, and moved it into position. I had to tie a few branches up against the wall, and trim a couple of others so I could reach the stairs. I moved a bunch of ornaments around to do this, but I'm done at last.

We had a large snowstorm today--probably eight inches of new snow on the ground. It really looks like a northern white Xmas out there now!


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