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Saturday, December 03, 2005

War On Xmas, Part III

Betty Bowers explains it so well. As she wrote me today in her newsletter,
As Christians, it is essential to remain cognizant of the seemingly illogical fact that even though we constitute the vast preponderance of Americans, we are constantly the object of cruel persecution by the majority of our fellow citizens. And during the Christmas season this insidious anti-Christian harassment most often takes the creatively sneaky form of politeness by strangers.

Therefore, it is imperative that when you see someone baring a charming smile or other outward signs of a predisposition to warmly greet (be alert for nefarious waves or other gestures meant to disarm you), you must be ready to verbally pummel this would-be well-wisher with fiery, barbed indignation. When some Darwin-worshipper or yarmulke-sporting outsider wishes you, say, "A joyous Holiday Season," treat their shocking rudeness as an opportunity to upbraid them for failing to investigate the god you worship before impetuously rushing into attempts at convivial greeting. Indeed, if someone has the temerity to wish you a so-called "Happy Holidays," you must be prepared to rebuke them with a ferocity that would melt an obese snowman from forty paces.
So remember, even if you're in the majority, you're actually an oppressed minority. Yell and scream for your right to impose your religious beliefs on everyone else. It's America after all, not some bastion of "religious liberty."

Meanwhile, In DC, Cheney Scrooge and Little George celebrate the holidays as they love best:


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