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Saturday, December 03, 2005

War on Xmas, Part IV

Even when the word "Christmas," is included in the title of the parade, for some it still isn't good enough. There is controversy in Sapulpa, Oklahoma:
Some churchgoers are accusing the Chamber of Commerce of taking Christ out of the town’s Christmas parade. Some churches are putting their own floats in the parade, to get their point across. The name of the parade now is the Winterfest Christmas parade, but some churches say that Christ should be the focus of the season, not winter. The Chamber says it has received dozens of letters and emails from people upset with Christmas being left out of the parade’s title. But the Chamber says the full name of the parade is actually The Sapulpa Chamber Winterfest Christmas Parade. The parade has had the same name for five years, and the Chamber says it has never received any complaints in the past. The Chamber says no one has ever requested that Christmas be removed from the parade’s title or theme. As of now, there are no plans to change the parade’s name."
It seems that a new front has opened in the War on Xmas. Will Bill O'Reilly be there manning the barricades?

And, really , what do these people want? It's called a "Christmas" parade. Not Hanukah, not Kwanzaa, not Solstice. Christmas. I guess they hate sharing billing with anyone, even a season of the year.

On another note, everyone celebrates Christmas in his own way:


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