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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Xmas Shopping

Well, holiday shopping, actually--not all my friends celebrate Christmas. I'm off today to buy the ingredients and then mix up the homemade Bailey's. That means visits to Costco, Kroger, and Union Lake Liquor.

Do you need gift suggestions? I like (NOT for myself, I should note) the singing mounted deer head (life size) I saw at K-Mart. It reminds me a bit of the Billy Bass that Roscoe got me a few years ago; my Billy was the Christmas version, sporting a Santa hat and singing Christmas songs. This deer sticks to a country and western repertoire. Dave Barry has some even more interesting suggestions here.

I'd rather just sit here and watch the birds at the feeder; the blue jays aren't around at the moment, so the chickadees, juncos and goldfinches are out in force. There's even a downy woodpecker noshing on the suet. (Not my photo, alas; I borrowed it from lookoutnow.com.)

But, no rest for the wicked. Shopping, and then more outdoor decorating in sub-freezing weather. At least it's not actively snowing!


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