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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Greetings from Grand Rapids....

....the Republican and right wingnut capital of Michigan.

I'm visiting my friend Beth, who is distinctly in the minority in this town, where churches outnumber bars, and Amway rules. There's not a lot of tolerance for opposing views, apparently. I was driving along last night, minding my own business, when an SUV passed me in a no passing zone. He didn't pass me because I was traveling too slowly, as he continued at the same rate of speed. Beth tells me he did so to complain about my bumper stickers; as he passed (endangering the lives of his children) he gave a thumbs down sign, which I missed entirely. His car had a "W" sticker on it.

No, not this one.

After expressing his contempt for my views, he made an illegal turn. I guess, as always, laws are meant only for people like me (democrats), because, as to illegal turns and passing in no pass zones, IOKIYAR*.

I suppose I should be happy that the didn't follow me and vandalize the car, as has happened twice already--people expressing their disagreement with my views by defacing my bumper stickers. (Or keying a friend's car.) I guess freedom of speech only applies if you toe the Republican party line.

My response, as always--newer and better bumper stickers. I try to replace each defaced sticker with three or four new ones. Unfortunately, as their party sinks in the polls and they become more frustrated and intolerant, Republicans will soon for me me to cover the entire vehicle with stickers.

Such is the price of my defense of the 1st amendment.

*It's OK If You're a Republican. Explanation for an action or statement by a Republican which, were the responsible person a Democrat, would be cause for a firestorm of outrage. (May also be stated as the converse: INOKIYAD: It's Not OK If You're a Democrat.)


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