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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Technical Difficulties

I didn't think it would be this difficult to start posting again!

Ukraine was pretty much a no-go for blogging. In Kyiv, my cousin only had a very slow internet connection--enough to check my mail occasionally, and send the rare letter.

In Yalta, the situation was worse--no internet on site, and the nearest internet cafe an hour's walk and bus ride away. There they had only a very slow connection that went down frequently, along with sweltering heat and no AC. It was a three hour ordeal to check my mail and send the rare letter (and I did so only once).

In L'viv I had no luck finding a functioning internet cafe on the few days I was there (we spent most of the time out of town in small villages). Myrosia and I did finally find a way to connect her computer, but only with a very slow connection......well, you know the drill. And we did so using a card, so telephone fees were charged, and I didn't want to run up their bills.


Someday, Ukraine may become a modern, wired country. Like, say, the USA........

Err, spoke too soon. I got home, and was able to download my mail just once, and then my connection failed. I spent a lot of time, over the course of a week, on the phone with tech support, and fiddled with wires, IP addresses and the like. The connection remained dead. I'm awaiting a new modem, which is supposed to fix my problem. If it does, I'll be back on line sometime next week (with a new ISP), and not have to try to get a bit of blogging done at work. (I tried to blog at my local library, which now has WiFi, and where I can check my mail and surf, but Blogger seemed to be blocked.)

Then I will be able to catch up on my mail, blog, and finally update the UCARE website and post my vacation and camp photos.

Hmmmmmm.......It's been so quiet and relaxing these past few weeks. Maybe I should......

Naw. I'll be back!


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