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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Under the Weather

Miserable with a cold, worse today. I have only been semiconscious much of the time. I got home yesterday only to find that my telephone line was dead. Based on the record of incoming calls, it had been dead since February 16th, two days after I left, and about the time of our last major power outage.

I finally had a reason to use my cell phone.

Today I set about trying to solve the problem. Since the DSL was working, I was able, in a few moments of lucidity, to isolate the problem using scientific methodology. I unplugged all my devices from the phone lines, and plugged them back in one by one. I discovered that my old reliable Sony phone had finally become unreliable. It would refuse to hang up, causing the lines to go dead. So I threw it out.

The remaining phones seem to work, and I wait for the luggage courier from Air France to call and let me know he is on the way. I wait in vain.

I'll have to buy a new phone once I'm feeling better. For now, it's soup and sleep.

Addendum: Air France courier called at 11 PM to let me know the bags would arrive on my doorstep between 1 and 3 AM. I was too out of it to argue. And they did arrive. Just because it is 9 AM in Paris does not make it a reasonable time for a delivery!


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