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Friday, March 17, 2006

Home Again

It's been a very long day. I flew out of Madras at 3 AM, and arrived in Detroit 2 PM. With the 10.5 hour time difference, that means I was en route 21.5 hours. About an hour and a half of that was spent in DeGaulle airport in Paris, riding buses and running through construction, and between terminals and gates. (I made it, the suitcases didn't.)

The trip really began 5 PM the day before in Vellore, when I left Prasad and Jiji's and rode the 130 km. to Madras. A spent a few hours with Amachi ("grandmother", actually Vasini Mathew), Jiji's mother, being fed fish curry and watching Malayali soaps, before heading off to the airport. So make that 33 hours from house to house.

Somewhere along the way, I caught cold. My throat is sore, and my nose is running. What with sleep deprivation and jet lag, I'm completely knackered and am headed for bed.

Good Night!


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