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Friday, February 17, 2006

Sleepless in Vellore

Jet lag is a challenge. There's just no good way around it, despite the claims of many pill pushers. One is fighting millions of years of evolutionary pressure (or the Will of God, of you're a creationist) when flying around the globe at lightning speed.

My body is in Vellore, but my metabolism is somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. I fade early, and then wake up, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, at two or three in the morning (my normal bed time!). I'll be OK in a few more days, but, in the mean time, I yawn and nod off at inopportune times.

I spent today (well, the morning) at the LCECU, catching up with Sara and staff on a year's worth of news, and looking around the Labour Unit. I missed Antenatal Clinic yesterday (slept the whole day through), so will have to wait until next Thursday to check on it.

Babies have been born on our unit since last April, and most have done quite well. Lots of mothers have been transfered (with good outcomes)to the main hospital, and the nipple stimulation protocol we wrote last year has been a hit (and fairly successful in avoiding post-dated pregnancy)!

There's work to be done, though. Dr. Bayram donated two portable dopplers (for listening to babies' heartbeats), so the staff will have to be trained in their proper use, and Sara managed to acquire an ultrasound unit, which I will have to learn to use and then teach others. I have to reassess our protocols and review them with new staff, and work on labour procedures and documentation.

It should be fun.

Meanwhile, the weekend is here, with some quiet days (albeit hot ones) and cool nights. Time to catch up with Jiji, Prasad, Avinash and baby Tarun, as well as my old TV-serial-watching buddy, Amachi. There's a carnival at the medical school tomorrow, and shopping and gossiping to do.


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