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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


No, it doesn't mean blogging about Eames chairs or Brady Bunch lunch boxes. I think I made it up, and in my usage it means pre-dated blogging (i.e. writing posts and putting and earlier date on them). It's a dirty secret that you can change the time and date and year of your post whenever you feel like it, and NO ONE WILL KNOW. You can make yourself seem prescient if you want to, and go back and correct mistakes and gaffes. It all comes down to honesty and integrity, I suppose.

I had meant to blog regularly while I was on the road in October, but had trouble getting on line. The US, despite having invented the internet, has not been very good about making it fast and accessible. Europe and Asia are technologically way ahead of us, with much faster internet speeds, and widely available public access to the internet. In the US, if you don't have a connection at home, your choices are limited to Starbucks or the local library. In a small town, you're just SOL.

This is particularly problematic if you're traveling in the American Outback. Starbucks are few and far between, and libraries have very limited hours, and often very limited access. The higher end motel chains often offer free Wi-Fi, but the extra $40 or more a night just really isn't worth it. I did find, though, that if you park near one of those motels, you can get access. In a few minutes I could download my mail and a bunch of web pages to read later:) But I couldn't send mail or work on my blog:(

Anyway, I'm going to try and occasionally add photos and travelogues, so scroll through the old bits once in a while.


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