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Friday, November 04, 2005

Bushito's "Rainbow Tour"

In 1946, shortly after WWII, Evita Peron set off on a "Rainbow Tour" to impress Europe. The tour began auspiciously in Spain, where the fascist generalissimo Francisco Franco welcomed her with open arms. She did less well in subsequent countries, which had just fought a war over fascism and were not impressed. Evita ended up cutting the tour short, and scurrying home instead of arriving in triumph.

Our Bushito thought his very own Rainbow Tour to the economic summit in Argentina could shore up his image by presenting him as an able diplomat hammering out a Free Trade Zone of the Americas. Alas for him, the populace was having none of it. In Mar de Plate they cheered Chavez of Venezuela, and greeted Bush with large posters.....of Che Guevara

Rioting ensued, with fighting in the streets and scores of fires.

The fabulous rainbow tour continues to Brazil. Graffiti proclaiming "Get out, killer Bush" and "Yankees go home" was spray painted on two monuments in Brasilia. On Friday, hundreds of protesters burned an American flag and an effigy of Bush in front of the U.S. embassy. Officials from the Catholic Church endorsed the protests.

Maybe he'll give it up and scurry home, too?


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