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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Pumpkin Carving Time

I've carved many a pumpkin in my day, I must say. Why, I've even carved pumpkins in Ukraine and Australia (although the latter was an odd whitish variety). This year I had a chance to help my nieces and nephew carve theirs.

First, of course, the pumpkins had to be gutted. Maria and Kalyna don't seem to particularly enjoy this aspect of the process,

but Nick seems to have a natural affinity for it.

Then designs were drawn onto the pumpkins, and Bill and I did the carving with sharp knives. Smoochie paid close attention throughout:

Little did we know it was because she had a taste for pumpkin flesh. Note that Kalyna's jack-o-lantern has a missing eyeball. Miss Smoochie apparently found it quite delectable.

Note: I was able to later perform reconstructive surgery with a pumpkin eyeball transplant.

More photos can be found here


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