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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Time

We've had a lovely fall this year, with fairly warm temperatures and minimal precipitation. I was able to get all of my outdoor decorating done without having to plow through piles of snow.

And now that is over. Two inches of snow on the ground, and very cold out. It looks lovely from my indoor vantage point, but I hate going out unless I'm thoroughly bundled up.

Today my neighbors helped me bring the tree in; we sawed a few inches off the bottom, and put it in its stand. That's when I realized I had to take quite a bit more off the top. I've done so, trimming out the small branches, and putting the angel on top.

This year my tree was about the right size--usually I pick one a few feet too long and cut a row or two of branches off the bottom once I get it home. Since it was smaller, it fit through the baggers, and is, even now, enclosed in its mesh sleeve, looking like a tall, thin bush. I'm letting it thaw a bit, and soak up some water.

Then I plan to open it--and hope it won't be quite as large as the Griswold family Christmas tree (see 1:40):


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