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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Day

It will shortly be 2007 in my neck of the woods, and it can't come soon enough for me. 2006 was one of those horrible years that are better forgotten, relegated to the dustbin of history. It has been gray and raining all day, and now it is storming outside. This seems an appropriate end for a dismal year*.

I don't really celebrate New Year'sDay as such, and haven't for many years. It is an arbitrary time and date, and signifies nothing in itself. That, and most New Year's Eve parties I've ever attended have been full of false gaiety and just not much fun. And once I got hit driving home from such an event. I'd actually rather get a good night's sleep

But that's not an option. So I'm off to Troy, to greet 2007 with family. May 2007 be better all around than 2006. If it's not, we're really in trouble!

So, Happy New Year, I guess!!

* Yes, sanity is returning to the land, and the Democrats won the midterm elections, but we haven't taken control yet. And the madman in the White House wants to escalate the war and seems to have Iran in his sights next!


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