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Monday, July 10, 2006

Tom Petty

The right is always going on about how "celebrities" should stick to acting/singing/whatever and leave the job of politics to those who know best.

So who has a better grasp of reality? The pundits who produced this magazine:

Or Tom Petty, rocker extraordinaire:
"The war in Iraq is shameful. Whether you're pro or con Bush, you've got to admit it: The guy lied. And he continues to do so. I can't understand why he's just not run out on a rail. To send somebody's kids off and have them killed for no good reason-- he's going to have his day in hell for that. I wouldn't want that karma. When you kill somebody's little sister with a missile, he's going to hate you forever. And the next generation will hate you even more."
Rock on!


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