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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Spelling IS Important

From a television interview with a vandal; Groth and his friend had vandalized a Catholic spiritual retreat with satanic symbols and other graffiti. (Trevey is the reporter.)
Trevey: "Are you religious?
Groth: "No."
Trevey: "Do you have a problem with people who are?"
Groth: "No."

Trevey asked him why he sprayed satanic graffiti on these holy shrines.

Groth said, "'cause I'm a punk - that's what I do."

Groth thanked the Christians who have prayed for him. But said he doesn't feel bad about what he did...

And as if desecrating church grounds wasn't bad enough, Trevey asked the self proclaimed punk about another mistake he made.

Trevey: "Do you know you spelled Satan wrong?"
Groth: "No - I'm not aware of that."
Trevey: "You spelled it satin - like the fabric."
Groth: "See - if I was big into the devil, I would have spelled it right."
Trevey: "Do you think that's funny?"
Groth: "That I spelled it wrong? No - I'm a bad speller."
Which proves, that if you want to get your message across, you really need to learn to spell properly.

BTW, and FYI: Groth is not a punk. He's an idiot and a thug. But let him not defame the good name of punks, like myself, everywhere.

Anarchy, yes!

Revolution, yes!

Defacing religious statues that can't fight back - wusses!

Gabba Gabba, Hey!


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