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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blood for Oil?

Apparently, we had it wrong in the run-up to the War in Iraq – it wasn't blood for oil that Bush wanted, it was blood for no oil. According to Greg Palast,
We were screaming in the streets: no blood for oil, which, of course, you know, most Americans consider a bargain – blood for oil, as long as it’s not their blood, right? But in fact, it wasn’t blood for oil. It was blood for no oil. It was blood to make sure that not too much oil would flow and bust the market. Oil had been down under Bill Clinton to eighteen bucks a barrel. Now it’s over $70 a barrel.
And it worked. Oil company profits are at record levels. The oil company executives are earning bonuses greater than the GNP of some countries.

Lee Raymond, of Exxon Mobil, just retired with a $400 million retirement package, $300 million of which he earned in the last least.

And all thanks to Bushco.

I'm sure W and Dick will be properly thanked by their friends in the oil business (and at Halliburton) when they leave office.

Read the entire interview with Greg Palast here.


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