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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Party Pics, Part 1

Nancy was nice enough to bring the photos Wes took at my party to work today, and the board has been a bit slow, so I get to post a few of them here.

The first is a view of the tree through the window of my enclosed porch:

Next we have a picture of some of the fare on offer, with the pickled herrings front and center:

Some of those attending my party include Ella, with baby David, now three months old, and her mother, who is visiting from Russia:

And here are my Mom and Aunt Susie, seated on the piano bench and admiring the tree:

And lastly, this is what Wes found when he went up to my bedroom to fetch his and Nancy's coats:

I will try and post more of the photos on my web site later. And, Loraine, it's your turn now........


At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Mary O'Reilly said...

Hi, Luba!
Wes Kleven sent out a link to your blog so he could show folks your awesome Christmas tree (I AM impressed!!!!).
I met Wes and Nancy on a trip to Greece a few years ago. Lovely people.
But I am writing to tell you what a joy it is to 'meet' another person out there who's outraged at what this administration has done (and is doing) to this once-great nation.
May the new year bring strengthening resolve (and vision) among Democratic representatives and growing comprehension on the part of the citizenry.
Heaven help us!
And keep up the good work.

Mary O'Reilly, St. Louis, MO


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