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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

April is the Cruelest Month

A particularly attractive fungus from northern Michigan

It's been a month since I posted anything on this blog, and longer that that since I made any regular postings. Blog fatigue set in, and it was April.

Very few have the stamina, the dedication, or the attention span to be a blogger. Posting several bits of genius every day is not an easy task; neither is posting several bits of drivel, which is what most bloggers really do. Still, either takes time and effort and, every once in a while, you just get tired.

So I took a break. It was not an entirely voluntary break; April is a busy time for me, what with taxes and my NEJM CME both being due. (Yes, I could have done either much sooner, but I am a procrastinator by nature, and need deadlines to accomplish anything.) And then there is Easter; when you are a maker of pysanky, it's a busy time of year.

Still, it's May that's devoid of postings. I went away for the first to weeks, my annual trek to the UP, to visit friends and watch hawks. The weather was great, the sompany stimulating, and spent minimal time on the internet, just a few minutes a day to check my e-mail and make sure we weren't at war with Iran yet.

But now I'm back, and having recovered some of my mojo by sending out mass e-mailings to my friends on various political themes, and ready to once more take up the mantle of blogger.



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