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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Back to Work

Why is working for pay so much more tiring than working for free? The hours I put in at my real job are not that much longer than at my volunteer gigs, but they seem a lot longer. I suspect it is the difference between working at the regular grind, and doing new, interesting things.

Not that my job isn't interesting--I get to meet lots of new people, and help them have babies (or not, as the case may be). And there's less of a language barrier. Maybe it's just having to get up at five in the morning, and going in while it's very cold an d very dark out. Who knows?

Do I work in a classy hospital, or what?

Today was my first day back. It wasn't horribly busy until, of course, the last two hours before I was to finish. And, hating to leave loose ends, I stuck around to finish things up.

Then home, worn out, capable only of watching last night's Daily Show/Colbert Report, and tonight's Olbermann and L&O.

.............Sigh. Time to plan another trip.


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