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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cold, Cold, Cold......

Michigan weather is nothing if not schizoid. Yesterday it was 50 and raining. This morning I have a fresh coat of snow on the ground, and it's 26 degrees with very strong winds. I refilled the bird feeder earlier in the day wearing just a sweater (the juncos are quite happy), but now it's too cold to spend more than a minute or two outside. Brrrr!

It's a bit better inside. I warmed myself earlier with talk of India--two women from Ann Arbor came over, and we talked of Vellore. They're going for the first time later this month, and were given my name by a mutual acquaintance. I'm planning to go in mid-February, so I will just miss them over there. Blue skies and shimmering heat--I can almost feel it. I was inspired to post a few more of my India photos here. More to come in the next month, as I hope to get them all up before I leave and take even more.

Now I'm drinking tea and wearing woolly slippers--the house never gets quite warm when it is this cold out, and with natural gas prices being what they are, it's not really worth trying to heat it. I can lock myself up in the library upstairs, and put on the space heater to get cozy, once I finish today's appointed tasks.

The tea is also good for my persistent cold and cough, a gift from my youngest niece. Thanks, Fuzz!


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